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Youtuber's Similarities by cindywolf0
Youtuber's Similarities
Youtuber's Similarities is a game i made with a few of my friend and the game is easy....all you have to do is pick a youtuber that is similar to yours so i did my sister and enderlox :3. if you want to do this to you can just send me a link of it when your done if you want...
Like Siblings We Strike by cindywolf0
Like Siblings We Strike
Yes i know how to do parkour because i do it with my lil sister and my big brother and we were in Dc when we did it so so its Me, SpinSauce, and my lil sister WindyBatWolf so yea....TT and i was mad i one part because people kept looking and the worst part was them taking picture with there flash on O3O i told them to stop because it was messing us up and my sister almost fell because of them sooo this all happen 2 days ago this took me about 3 days to do becuase of all the sketch i had to do with this.

 Robot to Pony by cindywolf0
Full Name: CC Scare Wolfen
NickName: SpooKs
Age: 23
Gender: Mare | Pegasus
Relations: Cherry Wolfen (lil sister) Pika Heart(friend/sister)Izzy Charger(new best friend)
Idols: (she doesn't have anyone not that i can think of O3O)

Cutie Mark:
 Game Control

PERSONALITY:Adventurous, kind, loves to fly around
Occupation: Best Known Flyer
Hometown: ??? (you'll see in the story because her sister has one but she doesn't)
Current Residence: CyberDigi

Bio: Helperbot wasn't a pony at the the time she was CyberDigi's helper robot she would help anypony that need the fillies taken care of,cleaning the place,or helping someone in need of help.When 4 years pass she was starting to get feels and started to show them to let ponies knows how much she care about them so one done while she was recharging the cyberdigi government decided to make her a pony but still has to have the robot parts still in there so they upgraded her robot parts then made her into a pony that can change into to things she want to and she can change back into the helperbot but she was a small just like a filly size so that put her in an adoption but before they did that they had to erase her memories of being a robot when that was done they put her there and waited to see who would take her and they waited to days until a lovey couple came in with the same color as helperbot and they walked in with a little filly with cherry hightlights in her mane and the walked up and down the lines of fillies and came across helper because they lil one ask her parents"hey mom can we get her!!"she said jumping infrount of helper"sure we can cherry"she said then look at the stallon that works there.

"um excuse me sir can we have this one?" she said as the stallon walked over there and said"give me a sec and i'll be right back to see if you can get it"he said as he walk to the back of the room into a door and close it.....5 minutes later he came out with papers and walked over to them"so i'll i want to know is what you want the name going to be the middle name and your last name please?"he said smiling"ummmm how about CC Scared Wolfen?"she said smiling and look at helper"ok then here your papers...aaaannndd she all yours" he said as he walk off"yaaa!!!!"cherry said jumping up and down again"ok then" the male of the lovey couple said and put cc up and put her on his back and walked out.

As CC got older start to get random power out of nowhere and would be suprised at it but in her heart she alright knows about but in her mind she doesn't.She had four ponies that where her friends name Heart Beats,Light dash,Cinos Power,and Crystal Rose they would help her if something happen and she would help to.One day they all were out not together doing something with there parents but cc was playing a video game until one day there were cc heard somepony screaming and ran outside to see a pony falling from the sky but cc did know to fly and she jump up and down trying to get i the sky but they fifth time she did that a game control pop out of know where and she landed on the red button and stop and everything went into slow motion and looked at the stick in the middle and she didn't know what to do so she move it towards him but it did nothing until the red button launch her towards the falling and she felt like putting her wings out and so she did and started to flap her wings and started to feel proud of herself for know how to fly....kind of....and so when she got to  the pony before she could get her she missed and stopped"Who was that!!??" she looked down and flew down to her as fast as she can and she had an idea and hope it works so she flapped her wings three times but slowly and the game control came back and she moved the stick again towards her and got launch to her and caught her and stops before she hit the floor "are you ok?!"i asked her looking worried.

"yea im ok thanks by the way"she said smiling"whats your name?"i asked smiling back at her before i put her on the ground"my names pika heart and yours?"she question nicely shaking her mane getting the clouds out of her mane"My Names CC Scare Wolfen nice to meet you pika"i said kneeling down and looking at her"nice to meet you to cc"she said giggling alittle bit.Few years past CC was 23 with a Mate and 6 kids 3 her and the other three from adoption 5 girls one boy and cc had a pretty good life so then the government came to her house and saw the kids and saw her mate"where's Helperbot aka CC!?"one of ponies"umm she with her friends why?"her mate said as they walked out the house and her mate looked at his kids"is she going to be ok daddy?"one of the kids said as her mate go up before walking out the door he said"Kyber your in charge until i comeback ok?"he said to his little filly"ok daddy i will"she said smiling at him.few minutes the government has cc in a tube fulled with green liqud"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HER!!??"pika siad getting angry"she not one of you!"one of the ponies said"what are you taking about she got everything you see in a pony a cutie mark and everything!!"lighter dash said flapping her wings"still she a robot created to do this and be this"he said and her friends where shocked"then why didn't she tell us!?"crystal rose said looking sad"because they erase her memory!"Cinos said walk up to them"how do you know this?"one of them said"because if she did know her memory she would have told us and show us because she'd never hide anything from anypony and thats she said to me she'd never anything us and thats how i knew til this day"cinos said looking kind of angry but happy she got to say it"YOU KNOW TO MUCH!!"one of them said and was charging a lazer at her"NOOO!!"said Kenber said running to her and stuck out his tongue like his mom and hit the lazer to the tube and broke it"mommy!!!"he said running to his mom""he said crying"Kenber!!!"his dad Ken and pika ran up to him"whats wroung with you guys!?"lighter dash said to the cyberdigi government"is there anything we can do to keep my mom here instead of going with you?"Kyber said coming out of nowhere running with the three adopted fillies.

"maybe if you just make sure she behives well and nothing happens to her then ok"and thats what happen the got the one they love,are friends with,and the one who has kids back from all of that but that got one more thing to.....CC Scare Wolfen got her memories back...
Izzy Charge by cindywolf0
Izzy Charge
Izzy belong to me
Species belong to…
Reference sheet of the species…
I using only's bases

How about we make a profile for her....shall we?

Full Name: Izzy Flame Charge
Nickname: Izz,Speeds,runs,Mango
Age: 18
Gender: Mare | Earth
Relations: Luchic Charge (older BROTHER) Kedia Charge (youngest sister), Star Eclipse (arch-enemy), Night Charge (mother) Inter Charge (father) CC Wolfen(New Best friend)
Idols: CC Wolfen ,Lighter Dash,Luchic Charge

Cutie Mark:
 a Trafone sign o3O

PERSONALITY:Adventurous, kind, friendly, noble, like to run alot sometimes and considers Electronetic's be  best known runner

Occupation: Best Known Runner
Hometown: Electron
Current Residence: CyberDigi

Bio: Izzy Grew up in a light and bright city call Electron.As a filly, she would as think of being the fastest runner known to the C.S.C one of the fastest flying and running group you could every see. By the age of 7, her sister,Kedia Charge who was half robot asked there mom if she could go to CyberDigi one of the most famous city in the area which was down on earth(yes they live in the sky but not on clouds....islands)there mom had to think about but then she said yes but Izzy had to go with her Izzy's heart was beating so fast she was actually going to CyberDigi.As soon as Izzy heard those words she grab her sister and ran out the door to the edge of the island and jumped off it.By the time they go down there as soon as izzy hit the ground really hard her hooves had blue streaks going down and into the ground which was a good thing.Her and her sister started to walk around until they saw a group of stallons walk up to them

"What Do you think your doing?" one of then asked us looking angry "umm we came to look around is thy a problem?"my lilttle sister answer back as the stallon in the middle walk up closer to us"well then you better leave and never come back while you can"he said laughing at us"no...."i said giving him a look"hm?"he said as i walked up to he while he was backing up"NO! i came here with my lilttle sister to come and visit cyberdigi!now who in the right mind gave you permission to say crap like that to people you don't even know!!??"i said getting a little bit angry and then i was about to said something else until this stallon slap me and made me drop my little sister in frount of them"now are you going to leave?"he said using his magic and pulling out a gun"Or are you gonna die?"he said looking at my sister who was cry"THATS EOUNGH DUMASS!!!"i heard a girl Flying down really fast onto of my sister"o...o..oh...Miss Wolfen i so sorry i didn't know"he said as my heart went beating faster again "miss wolfen?i heard off her!"i said in my mind"she the C.S.C Project Leader CC Wolfen!!"i still said in my mind but i wish i could move but i can't i think i've be paralyzed when he slaped me"Big Sister!!" i heard Kedia yelling running towards me as well as Miss Wolfen"lilttle one do you know where you parents are?"Miss Wolfen said picking me up.

"yes there at home!" my sister said crying alittle bit"do you mind getting them and bring them to the cyberdigi hospital please?"she said flying up a bit"yes i will i'll see you there....."she said running then stopped"i have one more thing to say Miss!"she said looking at her" what is it?"she aswer back"please pease make sure she ok for me?"she say crying"i a C.S.C i will make sure" she said Flying me as fast as she can to the hospital.A few hours past before my parents and brother and sister came rush in and saw me in the bed and Miss Wolfen looking at the rain and looked at them"Hello.....?"she said looking cunfused"omg Izzy!!!"my mom and dad said"is she ok Miss?"my mom said crying"i'm not the doctor but i can tell you she will be ok and she fine"Miss Wolfen said looking back at me"what happen??!!" my dad said looking angry at her ad then wolfen got up and walk up to him"well lets just say a group a stallon should of ketp the nose out og other ponies bussiness" she said and look at my brother"when i found out who it is i swear"he said start to get all angry"calm down bro"i said looking at him"im ok a ok" i said trying to smile"and thats a good thing"Miss wolfen said looking at me and smiling.

A few years past when me and my sister got to live together on are own and me and CC Wolfen became best friend as well as some other ponies and me and my sister and friends all live right here in CyberDigi the most wonderful city ever!!
She Not Dead Yet by cindywolf0
She Not Dead Yet
I don't feel like explaining this so look at the W.I.P one and read it.......because i don't......

If you want me to do something like this for you (minecraft or......O-O ummmmm sonic?) just ask me a this time i will do it one at a time or if im bored three of two at a time because i can

and if you still have question about Cindy and Cherry i'll just say it........Cindy has a dark side to her and never told her sister about because cindy never knew how to control it.......(so basically what im trying to say is every time Cindy get really mad like some die mad this happens)

Journal History

Same thing as the other one but it's a draw about what happening when me ,SkyBloodyBasic, and ButterHunter were playing minecraft and then the owner of the sever we played on sended us a mod to review to see if it was go...... and it was until somebody started to get scare(and yes its a horror mod but that one person did know that because i forgot to tell him.....Oops?) Minecraft Draw Mod Review


cindywolf0's Profile Picture
Nia Wolfey
Artist | Student | Other
United States
Nia Wolfey
hi da people im nia but call me cindy if you 14 i drawing any kind of pictures like sonic,ppg,anime, and etc....if you would like to talk to me i have skype,oovoo, and if you want to text me my phone number is (240-374-3977) but call me before it turned 2:45am cause im gonna be sleep then ^^ if you need and thing or ask me when im going to do reqyest and stuff like that send me a note or tell me on the comments have a good day....peace!

princess cindy the hedgewolf
my character cindy is just like sonic the hedgehog except that she not as dum like sonic is sometimes. she is part of a group called the youngest warriors group.when she was 5 she had to join this group. there group was a peace and harmony. but unfortunatley there was trouble going on in this group, so cindy had to leave the place when she was 10 years old. later,she was found by solar one of the best young warriors in the group and he trained her and protected her untill her and him was old enough to protect themself cindy was 16 and solar was 17. a few motuhs later they became a team and work together. then they found other people to join the group...they named they group the fantasy oynx

:heart: The Wolfarians :heart:
:iconredburstthehedgewolf: :iconcindywolf0: :iconskybloodybasic:

:heart: Awesome people :heart:



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